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3 Easy Steps to Healing

Any disease or condition can be healed instantly by a miracle or systematically through our built-in inner guidance. It isn’t necessary to feel defeated just because you seek medical help or do research.

You don’t need to receive a miracle or fix things with the power of your mind. It absolutely can happen that way though once you take the pressure off of yourself and allow things to happen as they will. Following these simple guidelines will get you where you want to be, perfectly healthy. Acceptance, Feeling, and Faith.

The first step to complete healing is to fully accept the condition as it is right now. Don’t dwell on this part too long, but don’t try to deny being ill. What you want to do is to let yourself come to terms with it and move on. See it as a starting point on a road trip. You got here from the byproducts of past thinking so at this moment you are seeing what you can consider the past. What happens tomorrow is the result of what you are allowing today.

In order to relax and allow the healing process to happen with have to align ourselves with the results. In other words we must feel it before we see it. Depending on what your state of mind is in contrast to what you want it to be determines the severity of emotions your probably feeling now. You must immediately get off of the emotional rollercoaster and go neutral until the negativity stops. Your emotions will find ways to rise naturally if you don’t fight against them. Slowly and gently find things that will not only take your mind off of the lackful condition, but onto something that is pleasurable.

Our source self knows who we are, we are the ones who get so caught up in the contrast that we lose our way. Just the process of relaxation and acceptance will break down the communication barriers so you can begin to remember on your own. Meditation, sleep, diversions and play are very effective tools in allowing your natural state of knowing to dominate your mind once again. Your faith will find a way. Your mind will be open to paths and ideas that you hadn’t considered before. Answers and avenues that already are open to you will now be visible once you get out of your own way.

There is no need for healing when there is only health. Taking these three easy steps will produce positive results. Every desire is two points of view, the new state of health or the old lack of health. How you see it and feel it determines what your tomorrow brings. Don’t force things to happen, that pushes against the energies and creates a bigger wall. The trick to healing is simple acceptance, followed by gently getting a hold of the direction of your emotions and allowing your natural state of faith to handle the rest.

Start today by allowing first the understanding that what you see and feel is yesterdays news. Then relax and have fun.

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