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Fear of Horses – How to Overcome Horse Fears With Self Hypnosis

A fear of horses is more common than one might think. The anxiety aroused by these often gentle animals is so common, in fact, that the term equinophobia which means a fear of heights is actually derived from the Greek words “equus” or horse and “phobos” or fear. A phobia of horses causes some people to panic at the very sight of the animals while other people are only afraid of riding them. Hypnosis can help people who are afraid of horses lose that sense of panic, no matter what the reason for their anxiety.

When You Fall Off a Horse…

Get right back on. Or so the saying goes. For many, a phobia of horses developed when they were calmly riding a horse one moment and then viciously thrown from the animal the next moment. The age old saying encourages people to get right back on the horse with the thought that an immediate return to the saddle will prevent a phobia from developing.

When You Can’t Get Right Back On…

Perhaps the saying is correct and getting back on the horse is the best thing to do. However, we are not all that brave in the face of perceived danger nor are we all physically well enough after a fall to begin riding again immediately.

Why a Fear of Horses Is a Problem

Some people might feel that anxiety around these animals is not that big a deal in today’s world. They would likely argue that city dwellers and office workers rarely encounter horses so it doesn’t matter whether or not the animals instill panic in people. They can simply be avoided.

Horses Cannot Be Avoided

It is quite difficult, if not impossible, to go through life without encountering a horse even in our modern and industrialized cities. Police officers often ride them while on the beat and many cities offer horse drawn carriage rides.

Of course, in rural areas horses continue to be common for farming, transportation and recreational purposes.

Getting Over your Anxiety

So, no matter where you live you do not want to have to leave your home every morning wondering if your phobia is going to cause you to panic or lose control. You want to leave your home each morning confident that if you see a horse that you will be able to appreciate its beauty and not be afraid of getting kicked, bitten or thrown from the animal.

Self Hypnosis Can Help

Hypnosis can allow your mind to relax and teach you to appreciate a horse for the beautiful and kind creature that it is instead of the fearsome animal that exists in your mind. You will be taught to keep calm around the animals and to respect them instead of panic in their presence. A self hypnosis audio recording can allow you enjoy these benefits and to eliminate your fear of horses in the comfort of your own home and without seeking medical treatment or a psychologist.

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