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Random Act of Kindness

I have a whole Word document dedicated to topics that I want to write about on my blog. And each week I get inspired and wind up writing about something that isn’t in my notes.

This is another one of those weeks.

Lately on the job the safety department has been all over us. Safety is just about as critical as profitability at my company because of the nature of our business.

With that said, last week I received an email from the company that monitors our Drivers Alert program. I’m sure you’ve come across a vehicle having a “How Am I Driving” sticker on it. We utilize this program to make sure our drivers are behaving on the highway.

Whenever I receive a Drivers Alert email, I get a sick feeling in my stomach. It usually means that one of the drivers made someone angry enough to call the 1-800 #. There’s an entire series a disciplinary actions to take and it can become a distraction when our focus must be driving revenue and servicing our customers.

When I opened the email, I noticed it was for a driver who’s had multiple violations previously. As I scrolled down to the “incident details” section it read:

“Caller claims driver was doing a good job, maintaining the speed limit, a safe and professional driver.”


After reading through the email, I clicked on the audio file and listened to the phone conversation. The caller was very polite and admitted to cutting off our driver. He apologized and said how courteous our driver was.

This made my day and it also made the driver’s day. We really needed this pat on the back and we got it from a random stranger who chose to take action and do something nice.

Here are a couple things I took from this –

1) Our actions multiply. In this example, a random stranger made a phone call and offered a compliment to our driver. An email was then delivered to our safety director, my manager, and me. We exchanged emails and this was the response from my boss:

“This is really a nice win for Scott and his team.”

I called our driver to inform him about the call and it made his day. The action inspired me to publish this article that you are reading right now. How far will this random act of kindness go? There’s no telling.

2) You never truly know the way your actions affect others. The stranger who made that call doesn’t have an idea the affect he’s had on my employee and my team at work. He has no idea that I’m writing this article which will be read by my audience. Unfortunately, he can’t reap the reward of knowing the magnitude of the impact he’s had on us.

I want to let you know that he had an impact and that your actions have an impact too.

Today, I encourage you to make someone’s day better.

Let the kindness multiply.

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